The Roots of Margaret's Mill.

New to world of event design and planning. People are wandering, who is she?

They call me Margaret because of my company name but overlook my actual name, Megan, in my signature lines. That's okay, Margaret is the catalyst to my passion.

Mawmaw and Pawpaw

Who's Margaret?

Magaret Faye, my Mawmaw, you can call her a grandmother but I'm not sure I ever knew what that was, because she was always Mawmaw. And yes, with two "w's" to make sure it sounds southern as our roots. Hospitality and hosting was a part of her, it wasn't what she did... it's who she was.

Sunday dinners, EVERY SUNDAY. Holidays, THE WHOLE 50+ FAMILY. It wasn't just food, it was themed and decorated and organized and planned and followed Mawmaw's schedule.

Every gathering was an event, always fun, food was always good, and I fell in love with the way she pieced together an incredible memory with what she had in her home.

Gatherings are Events.

So thanks to Mawmaw, the plan and design behind gatherings a.k.a. events in this industry became part of me. It's not where I started my career or even thought about as a passion with purpose, it is just part of who I am.

It apparently started without realizing it when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Faye Ryan (...does her first name sound familiar?) My husband, Mat, always says I turned every moment worth celebrating into an event, and I'll consider that a compliment.

Her Gender Reveal Party, Her Boutique Baby Shower, Her First Birthday. They all were gatherings that created memories through moments that I will forever cherish. I love and enjoy every minute that goes into planning the details of the design and experience of the event, and it is apparent now it's always been inside me.

Purpose and Passion.

As my family has grown, and many gatherings have taken place, creating the memories we talk about today... I realized my passion had a purpose and that others should experience this too! No matter the reason, events should evoke emotions and connections to that moment. Pictures capture those memories, but the the details you find inside of those pictures are what create and illustrate the memory.

Weddings, New Baby Celebrations, Work Gatherings, Birthdays and Anniversaries all deserve details that create living moments that transition to lifetime memories. There it is, my passion and purpose in a tagline.

Margaret's Mill LLC.

After years of homegrown gatherings and events, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and helped two friends plan, design and direct their wedding. This past September, I witnessed and experienced a living moment that will forever be a lifetime memory personally. I went home that night, exhausted no doubt, but completely fulfilled by watching purpose and passion come alive for others through what I've learned about event plan and design.

Stay Tuned to Margaret's Mill LLC... becuase we're just getting started and you've not seen anything yet!

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