Micro is the new BIG.

Obviously, 2020 isn't quite playing out like planned or expected or wanted. I'm still new to the Wedding Industry as an entrepreneur but in March I remember seeing everyone posting how WEDDING SEASON is right around the corner... and then it was like time froze. (Cue: Elsa rides in on her Water Horse Spirit and freezes Brides and Businesses wedding plans and contracts.)

As entrepreneurs, pause is the immediate reaction, but pivot is the necessary service. Elopements were quickly rising prior to COVID-19 and the unexpected pause button has allowed for us pivot from BIG wedding to micro weddings and local elopements. There are some major wins that come with a Micro Wedding or Elopement and savings that allow you to splurge in more meaningful areas. Here's a list and benefits to making Micro a BIG deal:

1. Budget Busters: The categories that eat up your budget quickly can be reduced and spent in other significant areas. For example, instead of feeding 150 guests for $45/person... you could feed 50 close friends and family and the remainder could be saved or spent on something you really wanted to be a part of the wedding (more floral, vintage rentals, that amazing cake, your favorite caterer, the list is endless!)

2. Saying No is Easy: Mom wants you to invite that Aunt that lives 3 states over and you've not seen in 2 years, Dad wants to invite his boss from work. Micro makes it easier to say NO. Practice in front of the mirror "Thank you for wanting them to be a part of our day, at this time we're keeping this small and intimate and only inviting those who are close to us and a major part of our life together."

3. Designer Details: By having less guests and smaller set ups, you can incorporate more designer details that make for AMAZING pictures like a themed lounge area, printed china and flatware, funky napkins & name cards, more dramatic floral arrangements, and fun personal favors! Less is more when it comes to access to details!

When you shrink down the size of the wedding, you increase the potential of the party! The personality will look more like you and your significant other, your guest lists will look more like your social life, your pictures will be more likely to hang on your gallery wall in your new home... so don't stress if you're having to make some changes, look at the potential. And if you're just beginning the planning, save yourself the stress and start small to make it BIG!

(Cue: Elsa when she becomes amazing in her identity as the 5th spirit)

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