Beavercation 2020

2020 has been that year... you don't know whether to pass go and collect $200, stop dead in your tracks and wait it out, or what the remainder of the year has to bring. No? Just me? I didn't think I was alone in this season of "What next..."

Our family has a consistent eb and flow of our family vacation every year, around the same time as Faye Ryan's birthday in July. We have the same place, Pappas Paradise, we frequent, the same no alarm and no agenda vibe, and the same burger and wing joint for dinner each night. We begin counting down the weeks to vacation starting in May, Faye Ryan and Finley talk about it everyday for months.... when do we get to go back to the beach? They don't like the ride, but they love the destination!

Image Caption: Fin looking her normal grumpy morning self and Faye Ryan chirping and dancing with excitement to be at the ocean already...

Everyone is asking, is it too dangerous to travel and go to the beach for vacation... is it any less safe than going to your local walmart or grocery store? Are there different humans there? Are there aliens? I don't quiet understand why we would choose to forfeit one thing our family looks forward to each year as a unit. 50 weeks out of the year, my career gets my undivided attention and priority majority of the time. This is one of the weeks out the whole 52, my family get 100%+ of me, no strings attached.

We went.

Vacations are not a luxury, they are a need for mental, physical and spiritual restoration/reset. It is scientifically proven that people are more valuable, more creative and more productive given the opportunity to break the cycle of their normal lives and reset on a vacation without distraction with their loved ones.

I've never read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizatbeth Gilbert (her book "Big Magic" is fire though! Do yourself a favor and read it...) but I imagine this vacation met those expectations of that book. I read 2 books. I got serveral sweaty, salty and sand runs and workouts in. I slept in. We went mini golfing. We found sea creatures including star fish, crabs, conch shells and saw sharks. We ate at our favorite Hamburger Joes, almost every night. I ate wings and drank beer everyday. (If you ever get the chance to eat Hamburger Joes, the GOLD wings are world's best mess) I allowed my mind to pause, lowering it's exectations and in return it began to imagine endless creativity. I can't wait to share it with you.

If you're debating on whether that vacation is worth it. It is. The break in the monotony of your current environment, the current events in the news, the current state of affairs at your job or home.... they will still be there when you get back. (PSA: the world does continue on it's path without you present every minute for a brief break...) But your mind will be more mentally refreshed and invigorated, ready to continue the daily grind and give it more than you were when you left. Go do the thing!

Image Caption: Beach day with my babes, Faye Ryan... a real life mermaid with legs and Fin... the finder of all fun beach friends.

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